When in April 1975 Prof. Dr. Peter Schärer founded the so called ”1000er Study Club”, he invited his friend Ralph Yuodelis from the University of Washington, Seattle USA for the first seminar. Three reasons lead the founder and pioneer to this decision:
1At that time it took several years to bring the newest scientific and clinical information by publication from the USA to Europe. It was especially difficult to share high-end clinical procedures with other colleagues interested in excellence in dentistry (no internet). The study club allowed to immediately get this information from the inventor by having him lecturing for one day or more on a certain subject. The aim to get and spread the newest scientific and clinical information asap. and to critically discuss the content was an important reason for Peter Schärer to found the 1000club.
2The promotion of interdisciplinary teamwork in dentistry including all specialties such as Periodontology, Endodontics, Orthodontics and so forth as well as especially the uncompromising collaboration with dental technologists was another important reason for Peter Schärer to give birth to the 1000club.
3 Last but not least, the outstanding and warm friendship with many dentists worldwide –especially his role models among many others Bill Becker, Ray Contino, David Garber, Ronald Goldstein, Carl Rieder, Bob Stein, .... – allowed Peter Schärer to expose his postgraduate students and colleagues in private practice to the newest trends and to excellence in dentistry.
During the last 40 years several hundreds of speakers from all continents have visited the 1000club. To pursue ”Excellence” and ”Perfection” was the unlimited challenge, goal and vision of our mentor Peter Schärer and by this of all his followers.