Membership Application

To become a member please write an email to by showing your interest in the philosophy of the organization and by adding a short curriculum vitae.

Membership Fee

With the membership fee of CHF 2’800 per year you buy a personal nontransferable package including the scientific seminars and the catering during the events.

Guest Fee

The following fees apply:

  • ½-day seminar CHF 500.-
  • 1-day seminar CHF 800.-
  • 1½-day CHF 1000.-

When becoming a member in the same year, the amount for a single seminar may be applied toward the whole year membership fee.

Bank Information
IBAN CH68 0023 0230 5459 1540 G
[BIC UBSWCHZH80A or Clearing 230]
Konto Prof. Carlo Paolo Marinello

Attendance in General

It is expected that the member registers mandatory for each event.
The knowledge of the number of participants is important for the catering.