The 1000club of today still stands -in contrast to other concepts- for the old philosophies of Prof. Dr. Peter Schärer, namely:
Based on these premisses the speakers are selected regarding the following aspects:
1) Presentation is appropriate for a multidisciplinary audience;
2) Presenter does not directly sell a product;
3) Speaker is articulate and has clarity of speech;
4) Educator’s visuals are precise and uncluttered, with good composition and exposure, using state-of-the-art audiovisual technology;
5) Program teaches something—not just a “show and tell”.
  • Thinking outside the box; differently, unconventionally, from a new perspective
  • Presentation of controversial subjects
  • Anticipating new trends
  • Promotion of international speakers; Promotion of unknown [young] speakers [”under 40s”]
  • Seminar style; much time allotted to one speaker
  • Full independence
  • No sponsoring, No exhibition
  • No selfpromotion